Lot  633 Ravenel Autumn Auction 2023 Taipei

Ravenel Autumn Auction 2023 Taipei

Calligraphy in Running Script

TAI Jing-nong (Taiwanese, 1902 - 1990)


Ink on paper, framed

35 x 138 cm


TWD 200,000-320,000

HKD 49,000-78,000

USD 6,300-10,000

CNY 46,000-73,000

Sold Price

TWD 360,000

HKD 89,330

USD 11,439

CNY 81,818


With two seals of the artist

Gloria Art Center, Taipei
Acquired from the above by the present owner

"Calligraphy Exhibition of Tai Jing-nong", HCS Art Museum, Taipei, 23 August, 1997 - 14 September, 1997
"Tai Jing-Nong: A Commemorative Collection of Calligraphy and Paintings", National Museum of History, Taipei, 25 October, 2001 - 25 November, 2001

Calligraphy Exhibition of Tai Jing-Nong, HCS Calligraphy Foundation, Taipei, 1997, p. 37
Tai Jing-Nong: A Commemorative Collection of Calligraphy and Paintings, National Museum of History, Taipei, 2001, pp. 112-113


This is a rare piece made in 1980 by Tai Jing-nong, a running script of the Yan school with reference to the style of Wang Duo. This suggests the origins of Tai’s writings with a hint of the graceful style of Ni Yuan-lu, Ming dynasty. The calligraphy is densely structured with thick ink and lyrical lines forming a rhythmic composition. As a habit, Tai often used a small and slender brush in a vertical, swift yet cautious manner. Ink is dense, forming sturdy characters in a scholarly style. The artist started learning calligraphy through imitating regular scripts of the Yan school, followed by seal script of the Wei rubbings and running script of Ni Yuan-lu, the form that attracted wide attention. This work follows the traditional school calligraphy with a combination of edged and smooth lines, displaying the artist’s personality. It shows the sturdiness of Ni script and the carefree style of Wang Duo, each word separated by dry brush and thin lines, enhancing the movement of the calligraphy.
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