Miki TAKAGI 高木美希
Japanese 1974

Miki Takagi was born in Niigata Prefecture, Japan in 1974. She got the Master’s Degree of Painting from The Graduate School of Art and Design, Musashino Art University in 1998. Miki Takagi is a member of Kokugakai (国画会) currently. She has participated in numerous art fairs, Kokuten (国展), and held a solo exhibition in Taiwan in 2020. 

The works of Maki Takagi are full of cuteness. She is under the influence of Takashi Murakami, the other artists of ""Lineage of Eccentrics (奇想の系譜)"" and ""Rinpa (琳派)"". Therefore, her works tend to with vivid colours, bold and impactful composition, and rich decorative details, and was beloved by people.

Maki Takagi has nominated in ""The First World Art Exhibition"" in 2005. Received ""The Incentive Award"" separately in The 83rd (2009) and The 84th (2010) Kokuten, and won ""The New Face Award"" in The 85th (2011) Kokuten.


Miki TAKAGI 高木美希