1. The Company provide the real time on-line bid services for convenience of the prospective buyers. The Company reserves the rights to reject any on-line bids, withdraw any permission to on-line bids or stop the on-line bid services at any time during the auction. The Company would not be liable for any omissions, errors or failure for implementing on-line bids, including but not limited to any interruption to on-line bid connections in either party, or the omissions or errors caused by any mistakes of the on-line bid software or system.
  2. The Auctioneer may announce important notice to buyers prior to the auction or the process of an individual item. Prospective buyers shall be responsible for taking note of all notices or announcements at the auction. We recommend the prospective buyers using our Real Time On-line Bid Services log in the system prior to the commencement of the auction to ensure the timely awareness of any notices or announcements made prior to the auction.
  3. The bid is deemed submitted when the prospective buyer click on the “bid” button at auction. The bidder is deemed to accept and agree with this Agreement and the terms and conditions of the Company upon arrival of the bid to the Company from the device of the prospective buyer. The buyer also confirm at the same time that the bid so submitted is the final offer of the buyer which shall in no event be amended or withdrawn, and that the buyer agree to pay all amount due in full, including but not limited to all hammer price, service fee and any applicable taxes and other expenses.
  4. The “competing bid” shown on the screen at auction include the on-site bids, bids by phone, commission bids and the offers under the reserve price made by Auctioneer on behalf of the Seller. If an on-line bid is made at the same time of a on-line bid, normally the bid on-site would prevail. However, the Auctioneer has the absolute power to determine the successful bidder, or re-auction the items.
  5. The increase offers of bids will be shown on the screen. The Auctioneer has the right to amend the amount of the on-site bids and bids by phone. The bidders participate by on-line bid shall offer in full competition additions. On-line bidders will not see the Exchange Rate Conversion Board.
  6. On-line bids will be recorded. If there are any disputes, or any discrepancies are found between the records provided by the bidders and the records of the auction, final decisions will be made in accordance with the auction records.
  7. Successful bidders will receive the notices and invoices after the auction. If there is any difference between the on-line information and the contents of the invoices, the statements on invoices shall govern. Buyers shall pay the amount due and collect the Lot(s) sold in accordance with the Agreement.