Flower Girl


Acrylic on canvas

70 x 100 cm

Signed upper right ting in English and dated 78

2,000,000 - 3,000,000
519,000 - 779,000
67,300 - 101,000
Sold Price

Ravenel Spring Auction 2012 Taipei


Walasse TING (Chinese-American, 1929 - 2010)

Flower Girl

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Catalogue Note:
Ting's artistic creation returned to representational themes in 1970s. Inheriting the flowing and vivacious style of abstractionism from his early years, Ting managed to reveal the charms and tender curves of all sorts of women through bold colors and free brushstrokes, turning beauty to eternity. In this painting, the liquid and active acrylic paints collide with the explicit and solid fine lines of wax oil crayon; the jet black ground color complements the dark blue long robe; the peaceful and elegant color outstands the fair and radiant feminine skin tone. With a fan in her hand and her face hides behind the fan, the belle shows only a pair of misty eyes that brimming with shyness and innocence; while her body language is screaming confidence and openness, creates a strong visual impact.
Ting once said, "I am afraid that once I stay in one place for too long, I can't see and don't care anymore. I observe flowers of nature and beauty of women and I let them live inside me, and this energy makes me feel alive. Communicating through lines of bodies, the colors become alive in the pictures ceaselessly."
All these expressed that Walasse Ting - also known as "butterfly gangster" infinites passion about women, about sex, about love, and above all, about art. He used color as music note, created countless amazing movement; and the beautiful feminine in his works are definitely Ting's most dedicated master pieces which have successfully captured souls on canvas.