Float to Sukhavati


Bronze, edition no. 7/8

81(L) x 46(W) x 61(H) cm

Signed Li Chen in Chinese and English, numbered 7/8

2,800,000 - 3,800,000
667,000 - 905,000
87,500 - 118,800
Sold Price

Ravenel Spring Auction 2010 Taipei


LI Chen (Taiwanese, b. 1963)

Float to Sukhavati

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Shanghai International Biennial Urban Sculpture Exhibition, Shanghai, China, Nov 18, 2005 - Mar. 17, 2006

The Contemporary Road of Media and Tradition - TOP 10 Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Asia Art Center, Beijing, April 7 - May 6, 2007


Li Chen Sculpture 1992-2002, Asia Art Center, Taipei, 2004, color illustrated, p. 95

The Contemporary Road of Media and Tradition - TOP 10 Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Asia Art Center, Beijing, 2007, color illustrated, p. 51

Li Chen in Venice 52nd Venice Biennale - Energy of Emptiness, Asia Art Center, 2007, color illustrated, p. 144

Li Chen in Beijing - In Search of Spiritual Space, Asia Art Center, Taipei, 2008, color illustrated, pp. 76-83; black-and-white illustrated, p. 197

Catalogue Note:

"Float to Sukhavati" is an important creation in Li Chen's series of "Free Wandering Spirits". He infuses the design of contemporary sculpture into the oriental artistic characteristic of spatial sense. Between yin and yan, between emptiness and reality, flows the "qi". The spiritual sense emitted out from the sculpture is so clean and fresh, it is like standing in the snow under the bright full moon or looking at the reflection of blue sky and white clouds in the water. The artist has come to realize the inner soul of the object and understood the wisdom beyond the physical world. While his imagination traveling in the sky, he brings to his audience a lively spirit of life.

"Float to Sukhavati" was completed in 2002. Li Chen once described this work: "Immortals are those who enjoy tranquility and freedom and forget where they are. Through the operation of nature, harmonious clouds can be naturally made to carry them. Following the way of nature, they always keep well." Li Chen is very good at tackling the contrasted relation between the lightness and heaviness of massive objects. His works are full of fairy-like imagination, of children's innocence and amusement, and of carefree floating on the top of the clouds. Their looks and gestures give people a self-assured and relaxed sense. The clouds are so light yet safe to bring you anywhere you would like to go. When looking at his works, the viewer will indulge in a spiritual journey so that their minds and hearts can become crystal clear and will unconsciously make an insinuating smile. The ideal spiritual world of Li Chen's works, the sense of humor and the broad internal transformation, as well as a clear and tranquil temperament constitute the unique style of Li Chen.